Do your products come with a warranty?

- All products include a 90 day limited warranty, unless stated otherwise.


What is a "limited" warranty?

- The warranty does not cover accidental damage or software related issues. This warranty covers all functionality. In the unlikely event that a part goes bad, we can send out replacements free of cost if within your warranty.


Do you offer extended warranties?

- Currently the website does not offer an upgraded warranty option. However, if interested, you may call us directly at (832)839-5100

  to purchase an extended warranty. 1 year warranties cost $30, and 2 year warranties cost $50.


Can I buy an extended warranty at a later date?

- You sure can! Simply give us a call at (832)839-5100

 to have this arranged. Please make sure you have your order number handy, as warranties are issued by order number. You MUST be within your 90 days to purchase an extended warranty.


Is there any paperwork involved with the warranty?

- No, there is no paperwork. As refurbishers/recyclers, we believe in being green by remaining a paperless company. The warranty is placed directly in to your order, so when you need help, all the info you need is your order number. We can pull up all information based on that number.


*We do not warranty batteries, software, or operating systems. We test all batteries fully functional prior to leaving our facility. If your battery does not hold a proper charge of 30 minutes or more within 7 days of receiving your item, we will replace it. If you experience any software issues, please call us at (832)839-5100

 so that we can arrange a resolution.